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Dental Fillings or Filling Replacements

Dental fillings or dental restorations are materials used to restore the function and form of missing tooth structure. The structural loss is often due to caries (decay) or external trauma.

The most common materials for restoring or filling teeth are Amalgam (known as silver fillings) or Composite Resin (known as plastic or white fillings). Also, less commonly used are gold, ceramic and glass ionomer materials.

We will discuss the two most common materials, Composite Resin and Dental Amalgam.

Composite Resin or white fillings are formed from polymers making a hard plastic. Fillers such as quartz and silica are placed with the polymers to give strength.

- composite resin bonds to the tooth and therefore helps to restore most of the
original strength of the tooth.
- restores the natural appearance of the tooth
- requires less removal of the tooth structure vs other filling materials.

- can be technique sensitive ie: needs moisture control.

Dental Amalgam fillings known as silver fillings are often used to fill back teeth. They are made of a mix of metals such as mercury, silver copper and tin. This material has been used for more than 150 years.

- least expensive filling material
- long lasting
- easy to place in tooth

- silver colour may not appeal to those who want teeth to look "natural"
- very small amounts of mercury are released when chewing. For most people, this amount released is nothing to worry about. Studies show that amalgam fillings do not cause illness, despite some unwarranted reports.

In conclusion, you and your dentist should decide together which filling material will work best. Your dentist will advise you if the material that you want will work.


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